How BrandScent increases sales this Christmas.

Through the art of scent and sensory marketing, BrandScent creates a product that capture's the heartbeat of the company, while utilising specific scents and notes to assist in customer behaviours, including the way they shop and interact with your brand.⁠

Scented gifts is all about association, and that too, positive associations through the experience of a scented promotional gift that then is linked back to the company.⁠ ⁠It is also known to have greater recall with customers far longer than television and print advertisements, due to it’s personal nature and if your gifts aren’t personal to your customer these days, the sales simply won’t come.

So the longer they remember you and utilise a product then you're onto a winner! Through scent branding we help assist with these positive associations which are then attached to your company - a win right? 

A great example of this is during Christmas time when traditional Christmas scents are used and the positive nostalgia is linked to the brand itself, leading to improved purchasing habits, strengthened relationships, customer loyalty and renewed business.⁠ It’s all about creating scents that evoke nostalgia or remind a customer of your service and business. This then helps keep your brand at the front of their mind and therefore you being the first choice when it comes to repeat purchases or buying from you for the first time. ⁠Using scents such as baked goods or citrus that are notes known to cause an uplifted mood and spirit, which is then associated with the brand itself once again leading to higher sales numbers all through being able to scent your brand.⁠