What is scent marketing?

Scents are scientifically known to have a effective and compelling effect as they are directly linked to the parts of our brains that associate themselves with our memories and emotions. Therefore scents go beyond our rational perception and have an ultimate impact on our emotions.⁠ ⁠

What scent marketing does, is utilise this effect on the brain and create positive associations through scent that are then connected to your brand and company’s name.

Scent marketing is often defined as follows: scent branding, olfactory marketing or ambient scent marketing consists of diffusing a pleasant scent, fragrance, perfume or aroma not only to make the space smell nice but mostly to improve customer experience, increase sales, encourage guest loyalty and dwell-time and develop brand awareness.

Scent marketing is known to have positive effects such as increased customer loyalty, longer shopping experiences, higher sales and develops brand awareness.⁠ ⁠


Scent marketing has become a titan of the marketing world in the last few year with more and more major league companies realising just how effective of a tool it is with brands such as Samsung, Starbucks, Lush, Rolls Royce and Disney.

This phenomenon becomes even stronger when paired with the world of promotional gifting, which is what BrandScent was created around - melding the two worlds together in order to be able to receive the benefits of both marketing strategies, all in compact, cost effective jars and packaging and scent your brand.