Matching the scent to your brand is perhaps the most important thing you can do, and with so many options with so many different effects – it’s vital that yours helps you stand out from the crowd.

Our bespoke scent creation allows us to analyse your brand, your desired outcomes and customer behaviours and the current trends in scent, sensory marketing and scent science to create and curate a bespoke, completely custom and individual scent to your brand, tailored to deliver you the results you’re looking for and align with ease with your brand.

Due to the extremely personalised and specialised process of creating scent, make sure you allow an additional two weeks when starting your custom scented product journey.

Scent Development / Matching is priced at a one off charge that does not apply to repeat orders and includes the entire process of consultations, discussion of sent notes / client provision, five matches on a scent strip and then a final candle prior sign off.

This small step however, can be the thing that sets you apart in your industry sector, by creating a tailored scent, you are creating a custom experience that cannot be achieved by anybody else and that directly targets your audience in a completely unparalleled way.




Why you need Scent Marketing for your business and why its trending in 2021.

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BrandScent was able to engineer a crisp apple scent for MLC that spoke to a friendly, approachable and trust-worthy ambience that allowed clients and customers to associate these feelings with MLC.

Small marketing tricks and tips like this can be the difference between closing a sale and not, MLC found out,. With the candles helping raise sales, customer confidence and loyalty. MLC’s bespoke scented printed travel tins show that it does not have to be big to make an effect, but you do need to make sure that you’re choosing the right scent and the right people to make a product that delivers your brand the results it’s looking for.


Of course, there was no other way but to go the route of our bespoke scent matching process to ensure that we captured Tim Tam’s iconic chocolate-y goodness perfectly, and match it perfectly, we sure did. Because these were going in a goodie bag, we decided to opt for our powerhouse travel tins, small, compact and versatile, printed with custom branding and delivering results every time the candle is burnt.

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