Client Portfolio

We design and achieve bespoke scent marketing options for global brands, we help create memorable brand associations that transform consumer experiences. With our expertise of human emotions and how scents impact the human brain we design and manufacture successful scent programs as a global leader. Below are some of our clients.

Please pop in logo of the following (American express, Auslan, Toll, Homebuyers Centre, The Cover, Woods Farm, FOX FM, biggin Scott, Burbank,

We have a passion for working with formidable brands

Trusted by the global brands to design and manufacture only the best fragrances and olfactory logos.

BrandScent was able to engineer a crisp apple scent for MLC that spoke to a friendly, approachable and trust-worthy ambience that allowed clients and customers to associate these feelings with MLC.

Small marketing tricks and tips like this can be the difference between closing a sale and not, MLC found out,. With the candles helping raise sales, customer confidence and loyalty. MLC’s bespoke scented printed travel tins show that it does not have to be big to make an effect, but you do need to make sure that you’re choosing the right scent and the right people to make a product that delivers your brand the results it’s looking for.