What makes a better thank
you gift for those who create homes than something to use in the beautiful space they’ve created?

You may think that
architecture and candles may not have a whole lot in common. But you’d be quite surprised, when Archmap approached us for some personalised candles – it all began to make sense.

What makes a better thank you gift for those who create homes
than something to use in the beautiful space they’ve created?

The beauty of Archmap is
that we were able to create a modern, unisex gift that could be used across the board to a wide and varying customer base, due to the fact that we made their scented products unisex – in order to appeal to a larger crowd.

It’s not hard to see why
these were such a winner, with branded custom boxes, bespoke scent selection and timber etched lids, for a sophisticated gift that sets them apart from the rest of the industry.


Through the use of a custom hamper, including a multitude of scented gifts such as diffusers and candles – Mimosa was able to capture the attention of their audience and allow the results to be twice as effective and have the effects last twice as long through the customer being able to utilise the scent in different ways and for longer such as using our
electroplated diffusers and large Lux jars.


Creating The Cove’s candles was all about finding the perfect scent and the right way to put this dreamy holiday destination into a candle. With beaches surrounding the area, we knew we had to create a beachy paradise.
So that’s exactly what we did – through our bespoke scent creation we were able to curate and tailor the perfect beachside scent to match Cove’s seaside cabins.  With beachy notes to match their seaside cabins, The Cove with the help of BrandScent was able to perfectly craft their dream candle that would wow guests with a holiday-inducing thank you gift.
By creating a gift that was able to transport their customers right back to their cabins every time their scented product was burnt, The Cove were able to entice repeat customers and increase positive word of mouth, leading to more sales and more happy customers.


What we were able to create was something next level, a large hamper box with three distinctive scents to appeal to every demographic and age group – a modern masculine scent in our Black Hawk scent, strawberries and champagne from our Sweet Serenity scent for the ladies and a
gender neutral lemongrass scent. This was marketing genius – by having three separate scented gifts, poised to impress three different groups, Hodge’s was
able to personally market towards a larger group of people, to deliver more results,
more referrals, all while having happy customers with a gift that makes sense with their industry and brand.