One of the great things about BrandScent is that through our extensive knowledge of scent marketing and science, over the last three years we have been able to assemble a reservoir of scents, engineered and designed to not only smell incredible, but deliver astounding results from repeat customers to increased spending habits.

Selection from our core fragrances – see if this includes wellness etc. is included in your scented promotional journey, however if you choose to dip your feet into the exciting waters of our bespoke scent vault – a $375 one off charge applies. This includes a discussion around the scent, a sample scent strip with 5 matches and a sample candle before sign off and production begins



  • Black Raspberry and Vanilla
  • Coconut and Lime
  • Cucumber and Basil
  • Japanese Honeysuckle
  • Lemongrass and Persian Lime
  • Vanilla Caramel

Our core collection has been pain-stakingly curated to have something for every type of situation you could think of and for every type of audience – from a male dominated industry to a female led audience. Our core collection covers all your bases while still ensuring awe-inspiring results.


  • Coral Plush
  • Midnight Velvet
  • Sweet Serenity
  • Date Night
  • Serendipity
  • Endless Love
  • Black Hawk
  • Neroli and Ylang Ylang
  • Tiger Lily and Patchouli
  • Silver Fox
  • Smooth Operator

Step it up a notch with our luxury collection, these scents are sure to make a scene and create buzz around your business no matter if it’s a thank you gift, a gift for events, a self-promotional item or anything in between. These scents are the cream of the crop when it comes to our vault of scents and are sure to put your brand on the map. 


Matching the scent to your brand is perhaps the most important thing you can do, and with so many options with so many different effects – it’s vital that yours helps you stand out from the crowd.

Our bespoke scent creation allows us to analyse your brand, your desired outcomes and customer behaviours and the current trends in scent, sensory marketing and scent science to create and curate a bespoke, completely custom and individual scent to your brand, tailored to deliver you the results you’re looking for and align with ease with your brand.

Due to the extremely personalised and specialised process of creating scent, make sure you allow an additional two weeks when starting your custom scented product journey.

Scent Development / Matching is priced at a one off charge that starts at $1675, that does not apply to repeat orders and includes the entire process of consultations, discussion of sent notes / client provision, five matches on a scent strip and then a final candle prior sign off.

This small step however, can be the thing that sets you apart in your industry sector, by creating a tailored scent, you are creating a custom experience that cannot be achieved by anybody else and that directly targets your audience in a completely unparalleled way.



Essence of Australia

Outback Magic

Sunken Garden

Red Earth

Marlu Dust

Birra Breeze

Our goal for this collection was to place a piece of home within six scents, each geared towards a different piece of the country. This scent range is perfect for events and has been used for the Aus Open as well as impressing international investors, suppliers and clients with a reminiscent and authentic Australian scent.





This range is perfect for spas, health and wellness centres and staff gifts, with scents tailored to either help the receiver relax or to feel revitalised. This collection is highly popular for thank you gifts.


St Nick

Orange Cinnamon



Holidays are arguably the most important time to utilise scent marketing due to it’s deeply emotional roots, our holiday scent collection has been crafted to pick up on these positive emotions and bring back child-like joy which can then be associated with your brand.