From promotional gifting to events, candles are the perfect gift. 



We knew the peachy, fruity fun of our luxury scent vault scent Coral Plush would create massive buzz around the shopping centres opening and it did just that, feedback was amazing as we matched the bright, fun scent with bright, bold and playful custom packaging – enticing those potential customers to come in and have a look around.


In the end, we created a smash hit amongst all the lovebirds
and singles, with a product captured the essence of RNB’s Fridays event with custom box, printed sticker and metallic medium Lux jar to capture the eye. Not only that but by gifting these out, R&B Fridays not only built on that ever important brand / customer relationship, but by choosing a gift that utilises all the senses to ingrain a positive association and memory they were able to use the candles to drive sales to their event, thus making a large profit from
a small investment.

Candles are held on for up to 70% longer than traditional advertisements, the positive association is kept for much longer and enticed the customers to come back year after year.


By creating an incentive gift with value like candles, it builds on staff morale and happiness, leading to more efficient and better work and with our customised scenting process we were able to select scents that encouraged focus and increased efficiency in workers. The outcome was a sleek white Lux jar with timber etching and a unisex scent that encouraged staff to work better and harder, through scent and incentive – while also building on that vital staff / brand relationship that allows a brand to flourish, grow and expand.