Why is it Trending?


In a world full of marketing gimmicks and quick cash grabs, how do you know that scent marketing just isn’t the flavour of the month but instead a long-lasting effective strategy to increase your sales, customer base and buying behaviours?

Great question! An easy one to answer too – scent marketing has been around a long time, much longer than you’d actually properly recognise but was a marketing technique kept shrouded by the elite. Think of walking past a Subway and suddenly getting that quintessential Subway smell that makes you want to go inside and order a foot long right there and then, the smell of luxury airlines and car dealerships or even something as simple as walking into Lush… all specifically targeted to draw you in and help you buy.



Studies continuously show that scent marketing is the way of the future, with Nike’s own case study showing the correct scent can increase market value up by 20% and purchasing habits up by an insane 80%. Who can argue with proven results like that? Not us.

Scent marketing is quickly becoming not an option, but a must have to stay up to date and ahead of the curve with products such as branded candles that embody your business, set you apart from the crowd and on the continued path to success.


Support the Australian Economy

When purchasing Australian made products, you are keeping your money within Australia; generating more income for the national economy by supporting local jobs, businesses and industries.

Made to Australian Standards

Australia requires businesses to meet some of the world’s strictest labour, business, safety and quality control standards. Because of this, when you buy Australian-made products, you know you are contributing to a business that;

Provides well crafted top-tier goods

Treats and pays their workers fairly

Uses high quality resources and materials